About Us

Movement Performance MNL is a performance training facility. Whether you go here for physical therapy or strength and conditioning, we always begin with the end in mind: keep you healthy and help you perform better.

Movement Performance MNL is the road to better athletic performance and the better way to health and fitness. It is also the path to recovery for injured people trying to get back on their feet in life or return to sport.

No other facility can boast of having the cumulative expertise and experience that our coaching staff has. Our coaches and physical therapists are front runners in their field and have a wealth of training both local and international. They possess professional credibility and have been called upon several times to train their fellow professionals. They have worked with and helped athletes of different levels and different sports.

Training is very comprehensive and challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling. Other than strength and power, we build up movement competency. What does that mean? It means we train people to move in the best way possible. Agility and footwork. Acceleration and control. Speed and change of direction. Jumping ability and proper running form. While other trainers will just get you tired, our coaches get people to move better. We give training programs with a purpose. The methods are very thorough and scientific yet practical and applicable.

We don’t just train athletes. We make athletes out of those who train.

We don’t just help people through injuries. We help keep people away from injuries.

We help people get better. And we help keep them that way.

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